For enterprise customers, Ten & Two engages directly with clients, determines their needs, provides straightforward design choices, then moves to solutions. Enterprise CMS initiatives often fail, not due to software issues, but because of rigid business practices that cannot accommodate the content management lifecycle. Making Chassis CMS the hub of your content management operation institutes a rational framework around which your enterprise can organize its content management practices.

Ten & Two can help you integrate legacy data, structure existing content, and prepare for change, ensuring maximum flexibility, stability, and sustainability. Rather than creating a site that works perfectly to today’s specification, but can’t handle tomorrow’s change and growth, Ten & Two will help you rationalize your business processes to find, manage, and deliver your content to the Web.

Ten & Two’s CCM design philosophy facilitates data management and service and ensures that when you (or your end users) add content, it can be used and reused without redundancies in creation, management, or storage. The result is sites that can grow organically, with various content types placing orderly demands on dedicated servers, and with business practices that scale logically around them.

Once your information is managed under Chassis CMS’s CCM approach, it becomes cheaper and easier to perform common tasks, such as internationalization and multichannel publishing – even for channels that haven’t yet been invented. These best practices guarantee that today’s solution is not next year’s straitjacket. And because Chassis CMS uses stable open source technologies (Linux/BSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), your solution will be both robust and economical.