Ten & Two Systems is a consultancy that provides content management solutions for today's media-rich websites. Using its Chassis CMS application framework, Ten & Two puts XML and open-source server technologies to work turning tough content management issues into non-issues for clients large (sundancechannel.com) and small (teamjenn.com).

The ugly reality is that most CMS initiatives fail. Customers receive solutions that don't suit their structure or crumble at the first sign of change. The only way your content management solution can meet existing needs, scale, and adapt to technological advances is to keep data structures simple and well-ordered, and to use a management system that's flexible enough to keep up with change.

Ten & Two has taken lessons learned from years engaged with enterprise customers to develop and improve its tools and practices. This experience has resulted in a software platform and in business methods designed to help you order your data management and business practices to create and support sustainable, scalable sites. Ten & Two uses industry best practices in a Component Content Management (CMM) model to tame your thorniest content management issues. This approach emphasizes simplicity, maximizes reuse, and reduces duplication of effort for content creators and site administrators alike.